Saturday, July 8, 2017

Manifold and Exhaust

I had the car booked in to have the new manifold fitted and exhaust fabricated.  I didn't want anything too loud, so opted for a 2.5" stainless system with two mufflers.

Unfortunately the exhaust shop didn't reconnect the coolant sensor, leading to a poor running, impossible to drive car.  The exhaust shop couldn't work out what happened, so I ended up having to get it towed to another garage and fixed.

Here's some shots of the finished product:

And what exhaust post would be complete without a video?

The idle on the car has been sticking on deceleration, which a bit of research indicates the Boost Control Deceleration Device is a likely culprit.  I scored a replacement throttle body from eBay for $15:

The BCDD is the valve on the bottom.  Three screws later:

And fitted (it's in there, I promise):

That appears to have cured the deceleration issue.  I removed the dashpot as well to avoid any interference that it might cause.  Unfortunately now the throttle is sticking open a little bit, and I'm kicking myself for not cleaning the throttle body out whilst it was off the car.

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