Saturday, July 8, 2017

Arboretum, Cabin and Wisconsin

This is going to be a bit of a longer post with a few more pictures, covering the past few weeks.

I got a second hand 75-300mm lens, and went to the arboretum to test it out:

Yup, that works!  I went away for a weekend at a friend's cabin, up near Brainerd.  This was the first journey in the 280Z of any great distance with the new exhaust, so it was a good test.  I didn't really take many pictures, apart from a couple over the lake of the sunset:

For July 4, we went camping in Wisconsin Friday - Monday.  Saturday was spent hiking around a few state parks, which were a little disappointing, however that was completely made up for by Palfrey's Glen:

It was about an hour's hike alongside the river to get up to the waterfall, well worth the trip.  

The next day we headed over to the house on the rock, which is a complex of buildings housing collections of... well everything.  It originally started as an artist's retreat, built and designed by Alex Jordan Jr in the late fifties, and slowly expanded in size and complexity along with the collections it housed.

There's three main sections to the house on the rock; the original house which was built as an artist's retreat, the old American street, and then a large room of.. stuff.

All the instruments are automated, so you put a quarter in and then it plays some music (and yes, every thing is lit up in a special Amsterdam-red).

There's a massive room of just random stuff.  I don't even know what most of it was.

The largest musical display was this full orchestra:

And for American Gods fans, here is the famous carousel.  I believe it's the world's biggest:

And just for fun:

The whole place is a complete sensory overload, and takes around four hours to get around.  There's load that I didn't picture, like the replica American street, or the giant blue whale being attacked by a squid - that's about four stories high.

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